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Here you will find a multitude of information that goes into detail about our development options, what the typical process looks like, and an automated scheduler to make it easy for you to get in touch. Scroll through or hit one of the buttons below. As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


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Consultation & Orientation

Question by Nhor from the Noun Project

Question by Nhor from the Noun Project


Every one of our clients starts with our consultation and orientation program.

We will first begin with a conversation, in person if you are local, but most likely digital. This first meeting normally take 60 - 90 minutes and it covers a very broad range of topics about your business and website needs.




homework by Nhor from the Noun Project

homework by Nhor from the Noun Project


The time to complete this section varies between clients. It can take a few hours or a few days or even a few weeks. The homework phase is designed to complete two tasks: content preparation and planning.

Content Preparation

We ask all of our clients to to prepare content prior to starting any website builds. This keeps development time down and allows our designers to make speedy iterations. We define content as: pictures, written material, video, and audio.


By understanding what content our clients have our designers can advise our clients much more accurately. This will dictate everything from when development on the website starts to how the website will look and function.



HW Review & Schedule

case study by Nhor from the Noun Project

case study by Nhor from the Noun Project


You’re done with the homework! This is where we review your progress and begin to craft some ideas about what your website will look like. Once we go through all of the sections and have a firm idea of the different aspects your new website be our designers schedule the development.



This is where our designers take the reigns to create your dream website. The first week is driven heavily by design and the responses from the previous sections. A typical 2 Week Development Package should have a work cycle like the outline below.

Week 1

weekly calendar by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

weekly calendar by Vectors Market from the Noun Project


Day 1: Template Selection, Page Mock-up, & Account Set-up

We hit Day 1 hard with foundation work. Our designers select the template and begin the high level construction of the pages. Our designers also ensure that the domain and essential accounts are all setup as well.

Day 2: Page Skeleton Design & Sitemap Design

With the template and pages laid out our designers start to give each page their shape. Without inputting content our designers layout where each chuck of information will be placed in the final website.


Day 3: Edit & Input Written Content

At this stage of the process we start to edit all of the written content that has been generated in the previous steps and prepare it to be placed onto the website.

Day 4: Edit & Input Multimedia

Icons, pictures, video, galleries, banners, and thumbnails all get added on this date. It is usually at this point where the final touches of the website really bring the vision to life.


Day 5: Review

At this point the website is essentially done! Our designers will have a sit down meeting with our client and conduct the first review the entire website. This is typically when changes or redesigns are made which are the primary focus of the second week. Design is an iterative process and we treat it as such.



Week 1 heavily focuses on the foundation of the website. Making sure all of the pages are built and the content is in the correct places. Week 2 adds the fine tuning revision and modern functionality to the website.

Week 2

weekly calendar by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

weekly calendar by Vectors Market from the Noun Project



Our clients have the opportunity to direct as many corrections as they want during this week. Colors, page design, or changes in written/multimedia content.

Day 7: Social Media Links

At this stage in the process our designers start to link our clients social media pages. This is a crucial step to ensure the platform we are building is operating properly.


Day 8: SEO Foundations

Once we have a solid understanding of the content and messages on each page our designers can start to build the SEO foundations for the site.

Day 9: Final Review

In the final day of development we bring our clients in and go through the entire site with a fine tooth comb. We looking at the overall page design to the color contrast of the fonts.


Day 10: Launch

We made it!!! Two events happen on this day. First, we hit the publish button and take down the “Coming Soon” landing page. Second, our clients go through a platform education course.



Post-Launch & Retainer

launch by priyanka from the Noun Project

launch by priyanka from the Noun Project


At this point our clients have two options available to them with regards to their websites.

  1. Self-Management

  2. Zuviam Retainer

    We hand the reins to our clients with complete autonomy to design and develop as they see fit for those that choose the self-management option. For clients that choose to keep us on board with a retainer there are a number of options available. All of our retainer options at their core address two areas: marketing strategy and continual content development. Retainers are designed for your individual scope and scale.

Development Package Week 1-Colors_Planning by Icons Producer from the Noun Project.png

The 1 Week


  • Completely customized website design created for both desktop & mobile (up to 5 pages)

  • SEO Foundations

  • Custom website icons

All-Inclusive Services

  • Initial Consultation

  • Closing Web Host Platform Lesson

  • Color Palette

Starting Cost


2 Week_Gears by AFY Studio from the Noun Project.png

The 2 Week


  • Completely customized website design created for both desktop & mobile (up to 10 pages)

  • SEO Foundations

  • Custom website icons

All-Inclusive Services

  • All Services from the 1 Week +

  • Initial SEO Strategy

  • Initial Marketing Strategy

Starting Cost


50% due upon booking, 50% due upon completion.
Additional pages, collateral items & e-commerce store also available.





  • Product Catalog Setup

  • Product Merchandising

  • Online Store Back-end Setup


Additional Pages

If your website requires additional pages, indexes, blogs, or galleries above the base package allotment


Unified Branding

  • Logo conversion

  • Social media Covers

  • Social media profiles



We offer our clients our copywriting services in the event that they do not have written content for productions, pages, or blogs


Add-On Cost

Each of these add-ons vary widely in cost. A single page setup is small compared to a full 5 page Index. Copywriting for a single page or blog is a much different process than writing for a full website. Due to the wide range in cost we ask that if you are interested in adding any of these additions that you contact us for more information.



Retainer Services

We currently offer two retainer services: Strategy and Content.


Strategy retainers cover marketing and business development, as well as, R&D.


Content retainers allow our designers and developers to continue to add content and features to your website.



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