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Every development starts with a detailed consultation. This allows us to rapidly build out your website and the tools necessary for your success.

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Creating Your Website

Along with our partners Harper Point Photography Co. we will work to provide you the best website and digital tool set available.

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Business Review

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Creating the Foundation

Every website development starts with a breakdown consultation of what assets you currently have. This can be an existing website, various social media pages, or nothing. Whatever you have is our starting point.

Next, we want to know what your business goals are and how you envision these digital tools being utilized. Do you only have one location, are you mobile, or always changing up your menu? How do you currently plan on using these digital tools? These are the types of questions we want to know.



Template Selection

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Picking the best features

Picking the correct template for your new website is an important decision. To reduce the confusion and development time of your new website we have a selection of Squarespace website templates below. Something to keep in mind as you look through these templates is to keep track of the features of functions of the sites rather than the visual presentation. Features and functions are often unique to these builds and are more difficult to replicate than the visuals.



Content Creation

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Creating written content is the cornerstone for a modern website. Our developers digitally recreate your menu and create the essentials so more people can find you

Photo & Video

Having the correct pictures and video is everything. That is why we have partnered with Harper Point Photography Co. to ensure you get the best pictures for your new website



Tech Add-ons

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OpenTable provides you with a complete electronic reservation system for your restaurant. Customers will be able to reserve a table from your website, Google search, or in person all using this system. This is a paid additional add-on and is not required to complete your website.


ChowNow is a digital ordering & marketing app for your restaurant. It seamlessly integrates with your website & social media pages so that your customers can place digital orders wherever they interact with you. This is a paid additional add-on and is not required to complete your website.




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Review | Educate | Publish

The best part to any project is the launching phase. Before we publish your website we go through everything with a fine tooth comb to ensure everything is in the correct place and working properly. Next we have a detailed education series so you have all the necessary knowledge you will need to utilize your new digital tools. Finally, once everything is in place and ready to go we publish and launch your site.


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