Division | Websites

Below are some of the websites that we have created for our clients. Each of the portfolios will discuss the key features of the development and have links to each website.


Imagine Social Studios

Imagine Social Studios Logo.jpg

Imagine Social Studios is a small start-up gaming and software development company in San Diego, California.

This client utilized our 1 week development package with an e-commerce add-on & unified branding.

Master Yun’s

Master Yun's Studio Logo.jpg

Master Yun’s Studio is a Chinese martial arts studio located in Santa Barbara, California.

This client utilized our standard 2 week development package and is continuing development through retainers.

N.E.W.C.-Ventura & Santa Barbara

NEWC-VSB Logo.jpg

N.E.W.C. for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for STEM programs.

This client utilized our 2 week development package, as well as, an on going development retainer.