What we do in a nutshell

Divisions are what we call our departments. Each one of our sections below will give you a brief overview and lead you to the individual division pages where you will find more information (i.e. services, insights, development, et cetera).


Design | Develop | Marketing

It is not enough to just have a website in today’s tech driven world. Organizations must navigate the intricacies of choosing a digital platform, selecting what IT solutions are best for them on top of brand building and running a business. It can all be quite an undertaking.


Divisions Communities-Colors_acquisition by Dev Patel from the Noun Project.png

Insights | Non-profits | INITIATIVES

Communities serves two purposes within Zuviam:

  1. Internal Purpose - find better ways to conduct business;

  2. External Purpose - Create the tools to positively impact our local communities.

As a result Communities gives Zuviam an interesting set of tools and services for Non-Profit Organization, as well as, businesses looking to follow suite.


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Live-Streaming | Development

Gaming is a major part of our founder Josh’s life. From the SNES & PS1 all the way to 4K PC gaming. The worlds, stories, characters, and arenas all have played a big part.

When Zuviam was founded he wanted to ensure that gaming played a part in our business just as much as it has in his life. As a result, we have set out to create a division that would encompass all that modern gaming has to offer whether it is streaming, community-building, or development.


Divisions Dynamics-Colors_design by Chaowalit  Koetchuea from the Noun Project.png

Coming Soon

Dynamics is our newest division. Although this division is still in development we are already excited for what it has to offer. The purpose of Dynamics is to build, create, research, and explore the fields of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence while blending them together with Aerospace & Mechatronic Engineering.

As this division comes online we will update the division page. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with development.

More info coming soon